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City of Hope employs and deploys Ordained Ministers who are specialized with in-depth experience working with cancer patients, caregivers, local churches and other pastors nationally. City of Hope created “Our Journey of Hope® and empowered this dynamic team to lead the charge of providing biblical-based cancer care training ministry to faith communities and organizations around the country. They are here to help equip leaders with practical tools, to mentor and provide support in the journey of establishing successful cancer care ministries.

We would like to introduce you to the members of this vital resource:

Welcome to Our Journey Hope. “We are here to nurture the idea that one’s relationship with God is personal, precious and powerful. It’s my distinct privilege to head the charge for the Our Journey of Hope program. Our vision and commitment to you is simple…To be recognized and trusted by Religious leaders as the primary provider of spiritual insight and practical resources to help develop cancer care ministry in local churches and communities.” Thank you for allowing us to earn your trust. We are here to serve you.

Rev. Percy W. McCray, Jr.
National Director Faith-based Programs
City of Hope

Overcoming cancer often requires a heroic amount of physical, emotional and spiritual strength. No one understands this better than the Reverend Percy McCray and the dedicated pastoral staff he works with at the regional medical centers of City of Hope.

Every day, those who provide pastoral care at City of Hope, which includes clergy persons and various volunteer community pastors, help people build a bridge from despair to hope. As the Rev. McCray says, “The goal of pastoral care at City of Hope is to provide an ecumenical umbrella of spiritual support for patients, family members and staff, whereby persons of any faith can be strengthened, motivated and inspired to combat cancer.”

In creating an environment conducive to healing and recovery, pastoral care providers are a great source of comfort for patients and families.

A fully ordained minister, Rev. McCray is a member of the United States Chaplains Association and a Board member of Gulfstream Goodwill in West Palm Beach, Florida. He hosts the national radio show, "Health, Hope and Inspiration," and has been twice recognized as one of the “most influential African Americans in Lake County (IL)” by the People’s Voice newspaper for his religious and leadership roles within the community.

In addition to his role as Director of Faith-Based Programs at City of Hope, Rev. McCray helps lead Our Journey of Hope®, a cancer ministry training and support program.

Pastoral Training

  • Rhema Bible Training Center: Broken Arrow, OK
  • Inter-Denominational Coalition of Christian Churches: Detroit
  • Executive Council of the Church of God, Anderson, IN


  • Fully ordained minister
  • Practicing since 1993

Meet the Regional Our Journey of Hope Team

City of Hope Chicago
City of Hope Atlanta
City of Hope Phoenix

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