Getting Started

About the program

Our Journey of Hope® is a biblically-based, comprehensive Cancer Care Leadership Training program designed and supported by City of Hope®.

Any church-related individual or organization interested in participating in the Our Journey of Hope program and/or in creating a related cancer care ministry at their location are required to complete an Our Journey of Hope Cancer Care Leadership Training sponsored by the Pastoral Care Department at City of Hope. During the training, pastors, individuals and organizations will join with a select group of pastors and church leaders from around the country for an immersion into the spiritual and practical methods of bringing hope, care and comfort through cancer care ministry.

Who should attend?

Our Journey of Hope recommends that each church interested in providing cancer care ministry to members of their congregation and community send two representatives, the senior or associate pastor and/or another trusted leader who has been endorsed by their senior pastor, to a Cancer Care Leadership Training. Every leader who attends represents the potential to touch thousands of lives.

What is the cost to attend?

The Our Journey of Hope team will provide attendees with lunch and dinner on the first day, as well as breakfast and lunch on the second day. In addition, all training, materials, and curriculum are provided at no cost to attending delegates. You are responsible for transportation and lodging.

What do I need to do to create my own cancer care ministry?

City of Hope and the Our Journey of Hope team encourage and support the formation of your own cancer care ministry at your location, by providing the relevant materials, tools and resources. Interested church-related individuals or organizations may obtain further information as well as access to relevant materials (incl. Our Journey of Hope logo), tools and resources only upon completion of an Our Journey of Hope Cancer Care Leadership Training. To find out when the next training takes place near your location, visit the event calendar.

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