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Is God Calling You to Start a Cancer Care Ministry?

Cancer care ministry is a calling. It may not become a full-time occupation for everyone, but it is a specific seed planted in the heart by God. This ministry is an expression of God's love and hope in us. It is patterned after His words, His directions and His heart.

This ministry is vital, the need is great and only a few have answered the call. If your heart goes out to those impacted by cancer and you believe that God wants their hearts to be filled with hope, then it is time to begin watering the seeds planted in your own heart.

What Is Cancer Care Leadership Training?

Cancer Care Leadership Training is an opportunity for pastors and Christian leaders to come together to learn about the need, the vision and the process to provide hope and encouragement to people living with cancer. It is a two-day immersion experience that looks into the heart of cancer care ministry.

Every year, more people are diagnosed with cancer than go through bankruptcy or file for divorce. With every cancer diagnosis, not only one life is assaulted, but caregivers, friends, family, extended family and communities are also deeply impacted by the struggle. Many resources have been developed and widely implemented for critical issues that people face within the church - including marriage struggles, financial challenges, addictive behaviors, etc.

However, Our Journey of Hope® is the first cancer care ministry training initiative of its kind. The training gives leaders an overview of the medical, emotional and spiritual elements involved in effective cancer care ministry.

What Happens at a Cancer Care Leadership Training?

Day 1 begins with a networking lunch. The meal will provide attendees the opportunity to meet and talk with the OJOH pastoral staff, cancer treatment staff members and other church leaders.

The afternoon is centered on learning about cancer, hearing cancer patient and caregiver testimonials and learning how God has called us to minister to those impacted by cancer.

The day continues as Christian medical professionals explain the basics of cancer and give a guided tour of a state-of-the-art cancer treatment facility to get a glimpse at the daily life of a cancer patient.

The evening concludes with dinner and a worship service.

Day 2 will teach you how to start a cancer care ministry in your church. You will be introduced to the OJOH curriculum materials and will learn how to train individuals for cancer care ministry.

You will learn the practical hands-on tools you can use to breathe life into the concepts and ideas introduced on the first day.

Breakfast and lunch are included on the second day. After an inspiring lunch session, leaders return home with the knowledge and resources for launching their own small group cancer care ministry.

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