Leadership Training FAQs


What is the Cancer Care Leadership Training?

The Our Journey of Hope® Cancer Care Leadership Training is a biblically-based, nondenominational, two-day training program developed by City of Hope® Cancer Center to help churches support and minister to those who have received a cancer diagnosis.

The goal of Our Journey of Hope Cancer Care Leadership Training® (CCLT) is to equip one or two leaders from a church who will teach many to minister to those impacted by cancer.

This is NOT cancer support group training, rather this IS a “train the trainers” event. The people trained at a CCLT will become Cancer Care Ministry Group Leaders for your church. At the conclusion of the two-day CCLT event, attendees will be prepared to announce to their church the formation of a Cancer Care Ministry and recruit and train others who have a heart to provide encouragement, comfort and support to those impacted by cancer.

Those who attend the CCLT two-day training and lead the cancer care ministry in their church will use professional video and printed materials to facilitate a thorough, eight-week training to prepare volunteer lay people for ministry. Upon completion of their training at your church by your leaders, your lay ministers can be matched with people in your congregation who are battling cancer.


Must those who attend represent a church, or may stand-alone ministries send representatives for the training?

Our Journey of Hope Cancer Care Leadership Training is a faith-based program designed to be anchored and implemented in the local church — and is limited to church representative participation.

The goal of this leadership training program is to equip individuals to BE the church to those with cancer and also to strengthen the quality of services offered by the local church. We encourage stand-alone ministries to partner with a local church and to register to attend as an outreach of that local church’s ministry efforts.


How many people and who from my church may attend Cancer Care Leadership Training?

Because of limited space and a set number of trainings offered each year, we limit the training to one or two leaders from each church. If two people will be attending, we recommend they attend together to experience the training in the same way at the same time. Unfortunately, additional people from your church may not attend later, so please choose carefully who is sent to represent your church.

The church pastor isn’t required to attend, but he/she should be a part of the decision-making process about who should receive the training.

Once a church has received training on how to create and implement a church-based, cancer care ministry, we want that church to have the pastor’s blessing to quickly use the knowledge and resources given them to implement the Our Journey of Hope program to serve cancer patients in your church. Your pastor’s authority and support is integral to the success of local church cancer care ministry creation and implementation.

May I attend a training at another City of Hope hospital if the one closest to me has no openings in the month I’m able to attend?

Yes, you may attend training at any participating City of Hope site. Trainings are conducted throughout the year at the City of Hope Cancer Center Atlanta campus. Virtual Trainings are also conducted through our Chicago and Phoenix locations.

What is the general agenda for the two training days?

While you will receive an agenda for the two days once you have registered online and spoken to an onsite coordinator, please expect the following:

Day 1 is largely an immersion course in cancer and its impact on patients and families. You will hear from various speakers which include pastoral care professionals and medical professional who specialize in cancer care.

Day 2 will generally address the Cancer Care Ministry curriculum. Our team will go through the curriculum with you and equip you to teach it to lay ministers in your home church.


What costs are associated with the training?

Because of City of Hope’s generous sponsorship of the program, there is no cost to participate in the training. Cancer Care Leadership Training attendees receive at no charge:

  • Comprehensive curriculum materials and access to download curriculum materials from the Our Journey of Hope website.
  • A personalized certificate of program completion.
  • Access to password-protected section of the Our Journey of Hope website where leaders can find ministry promotional items (a PowerPoint presentation, bulletin announcement inserts, logo access to customize with your church name, etc.) and cancer care resources.
  • Ongoing emails with supplemental materials for continued training for your lay ministers.
  • Access to an Our Journey of Hope Facebook closed group for ongoing communication with other trained cancer care ministry leaders.
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