Cancer Treatment Centers of America Chicago

Our Journey of Hope's Zion trainings and support are sponsored by Cancer Treatment Centers of America® Chicago.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America
2520 Elisha Ave
Zion, IL 60099

Contact Information:

Rev. Carl Williamson
(847) 872-7596

Team Member:

Carl Williamson

Rev. Carl Williamson

As Manager of Pastoral Care for Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA) in Zion, IL, Rev. Carl Williamson strives to provide interactions with patients and caregivers that will leave them hopeful and strengthened. "Patients and caregivers face challenges with cancer they have never experienced before,” he says. “I want to use whatever skills I can to assist those who are struggling in this journey."

Other Exciting Regional Outreaches

PLEASE NOTE: Unique Spiritual outreach offerings made available at any particular Cancer Treatment Centers of America facility may not be offered/available at another Regional site(s) location. Each unique site decides what additional outreaches it makes available to the public in its specific geographic region without expectation or obligation of being available at any other regional site(s).

Community outreach events will be announced here as scheduled.

  • Facilities tour and introduction overview of Spiritual support services (By appointment only)

Weekly Services and Activities:

  • Weekly prayer Group:
    Mon. 10:00am, 3rd FL Chapel

  • Weekly Christian Meditation Group:
    Tues. 10:00am, 3rd FL Chapel

  • Weekly Praying The Rosary:
    Tues. 11:30am, Weds 12:30pm, Fri. 10:10am 3rd FL Chapel

  • Weekly Interfaith Worship Services:
    Weds. 10:00am, Sun. 2:00pm 3rd FL Chapel

  • Weekly Catholic Mass:
    Thurs. 12:00pm, 3rd FL Chapel

  • Weekly Inpatient Tower Payer Group:
    (Not open to community) Thurs. 2:30pm, 2nd Fl. Tranquility Room

  • Weekly Karaoke: (Not open to Community)
    Fri. 1:30pm, Atrium

  • Pastoral Care Prayer line for Cancer patients: 847 731-5850 call and leave a message

  • Covers of Love
    Distributed every Weds. during worship services
    While going through chemo treatment at Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA), a former patient experienced chills (as most chemo patients do) and decided to make herself a blanket. She thought it would be an act of kindness and love to make additional blankets – all unique and different – and distribute them to other patients. She affectionately called the blankets “Covers of Love,” and the gesture became a program at CTCA® hospitals.

    NOTE: If your church would like to provide hand-made blankets of any size (knitted, crocheted, hand-tied or sewn) for cancer patients, we are happy to pass them along.

Speaker Opportunities For Your Church: Our spiritual outreach team is available to share vital insights and information on a variety of cancer-related topics for your church. Sessions may be scheduled in churches and/or in conjunction with health fairs to assist in additional cancer care ministry training. Some available topics include:

  • Our Journey of Hope Overview presentation
  • The Faith Factor presentation: addressing the great need to help with cancer awareness
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